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Rick & Morty Portal Gun

Rick&Morty portal gun

 Rick & Morty portal gun picture in hand

I had a week before going to Berlin for Halloween. I wanted to dress up as Rick (From the Rick and Morty show), and I absolutely wanted to make the portal gun!

 Rick & Morty portal gun picture on a table

I printed the 3D parts and I made the electronics inside with what I had at home. I firstly wanted to put a battery and charge it, but I did not have enough time to order the components, so I made it with a switch and alkaline battery. The potentiometer was changing the value of the “galaxy “ on the segment screen but the glue short-circuited it, so in the rush, the only solution was to increment the value. The transparent plastic from the top is from a cream, used green foam from a sponge and the black potentiometer (I lost the 3D printed one and couldn’t print another one) is a painted and glued bottle cap.

 Rick & Morty portal gun front picture

 Rick & Morty portal gun costume